I'm working my way through all current enquiries.

when that's done, I'll reopen tattoo bookings.

If we are chatting via email or message about booking a session please use the calendar page or deposit page for booking.

Thank you!

Tattoo enquiry process:


Day sittings are at a rate of £450 per day or smaller sessions at £100 per hour.

A day session is normally 12.30pm until 6.00 - 7.00 pm.

This includes the ‘set up’ & ‘break down’ times and several breaks throughout the day.

As an estimated timescale a grey shade sleeve will take between 7-8 sessions, a colour sleeve 8+ sessions.

There is NO artwork fee but I retain ownership of all artwork created.

Every design I produce is bespoke for the client.

I will only ever tattoo the design once.

Once we have spoken and I've agreed to take on your design, visit the Calendar and let me know a few dates that will work for you.

When a date has been agreed and payment of a deposit made, your session will be booked and then artwork is produced.

**I do not design tattoos for other tattooists to produce**