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Day sittings are at a rate of £500 per day.

I am currently only taking Full Day sittings.


A day session is normally 12.00pm until 6.00 pm.

This includes the ‘set up’ & ‘break down’ times.


Estimated timescales:

A grey shade sleeve will take between 7-9 sessions  //  a colour sleeve 8+ sessions.


1. Choose the form below for your location.

2. Fill out the form and attach any images or reference you have.

3. Wait for an email from me confirming work.

4. Check the calendar and email back dates you're interested in.

5. Once date is confirmed you will need to pay a deposit to secure your sitting.

6. Most artwork will be produced for the day. Changes can be made before the stencil process.

7. Turn up and get tattooed!

8. If you can't make your sitting you will loose your deposit unless one weeks notice is given.


There is no artwork fee but I retain ownership of all artwork created.

Every design I produce is bespoke for the client.

I will only ever tattoo the design once.

I don't do commission work at this time.

I currently work in Medway with regular guest spots in Edinburgh.



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